Tig Torch 26V

Our company is engaged in constructing supreme quality Tig Torch 26V which is used for tig welding process. It helps in heating the metals in order to melt them. In addition to this, the said product works with a shielding gas. The said equipment can also be used with filler metal and without it as well. Tig Torch 26V is integrated with a gas valve, flexible head and a comfortable knurled handle in order to achieve good control as well as grip. It is available in different sizes, shapes and features. Our offered product can be easily used due to its compactness and lightness.

Air Cooled TIG Torch, rated 200 amps at 60% duty cycle. The Tig Torch 26V equipped with a value for gas flow control.

This equipped with a gas valve and flexible head with comfortable knurled handle for a nan-slip sure grip and precise control.


Product Name

Rated Amper

Duty Cycle

Cable Length

No Of Cables

Tungsten Range in (mm)

Tig Torch 26V

200 Amp


12.5 ft (3.8m)


25 ft (7.6 m)

1 or 2

0.094" (2.4)