Electrical Cutting Welding Torch

Type A Electrode Holder Features: Type-A is fully insulated, suitable adverse welding conditions Type-B is semi insulated for general open shop conditions Rated Current : 200, 400 and 600 Amps. Conform to IS 2641
Type A Electrode Holder

Product code: 19
Gas Cooled Welding Torch Features: The Torch cooling process through gas called Gas Cooled The Shielding gas is inert, the welding process is known as MIG process The gas has a definite chemical process activity at the high temperature of the electric arc is known as MAG process. The Torch use as continuous welding process, need not Required Changing electrode frequently Conform to IS7931
Gas Cooled Welding Torch

Product code: 15
Electrical Cutting Welding Torch is designed to cut, weld as well as braze different materials with unmatched precook and efficacy. This is designed to be easily taken to the site with its light-weight, portable design and high-impact frame. It comes with a durable welding hose, torch handle, welding goggles, cutting attachment, etc. In addition to this, it is also designed with durable and accurate cutting and welding tips along with mixer and flint striker for providing accurate cutting as well as welding of a range of materials.
Carbon Dioxide Heater

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Flow Meter

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Gouging Torches

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Water Cooled Torch

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Type B Electrode Holder

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