Flash Back Arrestor

A Flash Back Arrestor is a special gas safety device widely used in different applications like oxy-fuel welding as well as cutting to discontinue the flame. With sensitive non return valve, it also stops the reverse flow of gas into the equipment for preventing the user from any kind of damage or explosions. It is designed to be used with gas cutters and pressure regulators to prevent backfire. It is used for safe operation of fuel gases with its heavy duty brass rod shell construction.
Flash Back Arrestor

Product code: 12
Model : FBA-REG- OXY-RH & FBA-REG- FUEL- LH Application: This device is suitable for Oxygen & Fuel (DA & LPG) Regulator. Model: FBA- Torch- OXY- RH & FBA- Torch- FUEL- LH Application: This device is suitable for Oxygen & Fuel (DA & LPG) Torch Feature: This is Dry type flash back arrestor is to stop or arrest the return of the flame and sealing is done by help of perforated metal filter. This device intended to prevent rupture of the flame arrestor due to sudden built in pressure. This device prevents the flow to return from the downstream side. Operating Instruction: Flashback arrestor should be connected between the hose and each regulator and between the hose and the torch in the correct direction of the flow which to clearly marked on the flashback arrestor. Do not exceed the maximum operating pressure marked on the flashback arrestor for the gas service. All connections should be clean and free of damage, oil, grease and dust. In case of gas return flow: replace the device. Do not attempt to repair flashback arrestor. Model Gas Working pressure (max) FBA- REG- OXY-RH Oxygen 15 bar/ 220 psi FBA- REG- FUEL-RH Fuel (DA & LPG) 15 bar/ 21 psi FBA- TORCH-OXY-RH Oxygen 15 bar/ 220 psi FBA- TORCH-FUEL-RH Fuel (DA & LPG) 15 bar/ 21 psi
Flash Meter Arrestor

Product code: po12